dog toothpaste


Dental disease is one of the most common issues seen by veterinarians with over 80% of dogs experiencing this condition by at least the age of three. Pet parents can be proactive against dental disease with Petsmile, the leading pet toothpaste brand. Not only is Petsmile the first toothpaste to be VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) accepted but it has a proprietary formula called Calprox that actively works against plaque and tartar buildup. Petsmile comes in three flavors that your dogs and cats can thoroughly enjoy during their brushings. Pet parents that actively brush their pets’ teeth can help with their furry friends’ longevity. PetGiftz has been selling this high-quality toothpaste in the US, Canada and Europe for many years now. As a company, we highly recommend this product because it has been extensively tested and is comprised of non-toxic ingredients that are safe for dogs and cats.
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