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Kitty Kollar ASSORTED COLORS for esophageal feeding tube

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Kitty Kollar® is a washable, fabric collar designed to wear in conjunction with an esophageal feeding tube. The kollar replaces the gauze and bandaging normally used to hold the tube in place, keeping it more sanitary, more stable (less likely to be removed), more protected against scratching and damage, and more comfortable.

 The kollar has a buttonhole on the left side of the neck for the e-tube to pass through to the outside. The hole is about an inch wide and accommodates most tubes including those with Y-ports. A Velcro® closure strap folds over the end of the tube to secure the loose end when not in use. The kollar secures using Velcro® under the neck, allowing a custom fit. There is a small loop of fabric at the bottom for hanging your pet’s ID tags/bell which may also help to weight the kollar and keep it in the correct position. 

You must measure your animal’s neck (in inches or centimeters) and not guess.

Chances are your pet will already have some bandages on the neck; you need to try to measure UNDER the bandages, or you can measure just in front (the ear side, not the tail side) of where the bandages start.

To measure your pet, wrap a tape measure or string firmly but not tightly around his neck.
The cat’s neck size does not vary appreciably with modest weight gain (similar to a human wrist measurement), so you do not need to “allow for” regaining weight.



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